“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand”

Paul Rand

The protection of a design is directed to the outward appearance or aesthetics of an article. The design may include certain features related to an overall shape or structural organization, or to qualifying features such as colors, lines and patterns. In order to obtain protection, the design must be novel, original and sufficiently differ from prior existing articles.

Our firm provides a wide range of professional assistance relating to conducting design availability searches, providing opinions, ascertaining the degree of freedom to operate, filing design applications in Israel and throughout the world, prosecuting design applications finalizing the registration procedure, renewing design registrations, handling the recording of ownership changes,  managing and building large local or worldwide portfolios of designs, watching services for tracking competitors and infringements, handling cancellation proceedings, enforcing the protected rights against third parties, handling seizures of counterfeit products at the Israeli Custom Authority, handling design litigations, drafting agreements and settling disputes.

The filing requirements for a new Israeli design application are quite straightforward. New Israeli design applications are filed online. A new Israeli design application must include information regarding the Applicant, namely full name and address, indication of its legal entity (company, partnership, corporation, association or citizen), the State of Incorporation of the Applicant, the title of the design, the appropriate class, formal drawings or pictures exemplifying the article from all views, as well as information regarding the priority application, if applicable. No forms need to be filled out by the Applicant. The only formal documents required are a Power of Attorney, and a certified copy of the Priority document, along with an English translation thereof, if needed. Outstanding documents are to be submitted to the Israeli Design Office within two months as of the filing date. Notarization or legalization is not required for either document.

Protection is for a 15 year term.

The filing requirements for a design are met if the application provides information concerning the applicant, including a street address, state of incorporation/legal entity; and formal drawings or a photograph of the Design. The drawings should display the outer appearance of the item for which protection is sought.
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